Life is 55 years ‘short’ for me @2017

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.-Mark Twain

That is me at 2017.


Reflecting on some life goals, I came this site today

They say the results are personal and all that – but I think its just basic statistics really.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.- Mark Twain

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. -Mark Twain

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Netherlands journey


Rotterdam airport bus ride. Better climate than Qatar and better smoothness in terms of service and ambiance. Below, what Rotterdam looks from the sky.


The local train – RanstadRail from Rotterdam. You need to take a bus ride from the airport to the stand. It was a rainy day and I had an umbrella inside the bag but I did not use it.

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Munich Journey

Travelling is in my blood, even my ancestors were migrants from Upper Asia and Tibet. Writing about your travels is like composing a music on paper that you have already experienced in your mind and inner ear. I recently got a contracted project and packed to head for Munich and the Netherlands. Europe is quite familiar to me as I frequent the Western bloc every year on some pretext anyways. This time my destination is five places – Munich, Zoetermeer, the Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In 3 months you can only do so much and that too with a stupid Indian passport that gets you there, but not without the requisite formalities, certainly no visa on arrival convenience. Regarding visa -real  easy got it in 2 days sharp and valid for 2 years! Amazing for me, since that means I get to avoid the passport office as much as possible to enjoy Europe and all of its offerings.

Countries I have visited so far till 2017 April.

Europe : Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg

Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri-Lanka, U.A.E.

Africa: Rwanda, Uganda

15 countries so far in the space of 5 years, notwithstanding countless excursions within each country from state to state and region to region as well as in my home nation the Indian sub-continent from the hilly mountains to the coldest parts of Asia near the Himalayas and Ladakh as well as the jungles of North East India – I am quite happy till now and my passport is nearly finished. So I have to apply for renewal soon.  The chart below is generated from in their visited countries section. You can make your own one too.


Countries Visited

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What are the biggest misconceptions that non-North East Indians generally have about Northeast India? (from Quora)  

Thailand journey mishap recollections 2015


I want to keep my posts shorter than I normally just bang out. It keeps things coherent.

I took a 15 days vacation in various parts of Thailand with the starting destination -Bangkok(I normally fly from Delhi International Airport in India). The occasion was to celebrate the publication of my book-Windows Malware Analysis Essentials, Packt 2015. I like travelling solo as I meet so many people that having another one tugging around is like taking care of extra baggage, not always but mostly so. Also it inhibits talking to other people cos you are always talking to your travel partner.

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Mon visage à 30 :)




(Cliquez sur la photo s’il vous plai)….So I am in my early 30s now and I feel like a kid, honestly! The ‘polaroid’ above was taken during the wee hours of a late evening sometime last week. Sans makeup, lighting, photoshop or any pizazz. Juste moi et la vérité. Strangers and new acquaintances ask about my age and gasp when they hear I am 30 running. Their verdict : “you look more like 24-25 or 26 max”. Thats is 7 years younger on average ! I take that as a sincere complement to my years of discipline and abstinence from smoking, drinking, drugs and judicious use of sunscreen and my umbrella (now Wenger’s telescopic travel model). Best compliment of the month, someone asking me which college am I from. Continue reading “Mon visage à 30 :)”


Being a guy is the easiest thing ever, I suppose. Get into fights, wake up late, have sex when you like, masturbate when you want, eat what you like, figure shape and weight? Not for us folk!

So out of all these years of carefree somethings have stayed with me and I would summarize 15 of them as –


1. Brush your goddamn teeth. So many guys make this faux pas. The other thing many of us skip (even girls) please FLOSS your gums. It really helps, trust me, or at least trust your wife to be (or better yet any one of your enemies, they like to bring out your worst 🙂 )




This would be sacrilege to not enjoy the wonders of more earthly pleasures while sauntering amidst the aphrodisiac air that fills the whole of Paris. Not the crude shenanigans of 70’s porn stars comme Beatrice Harnoi (Le Sexe qui parle) but rather a celebration of the innate sexual fountains in all of us. Of course even Beatrice had some nice moments like having sex with a clergyman in the confession booth, while blindfolded and coyly sitting on his member and shaking up and down like a jack rabbit, nice!



I can still breathe the fresh air in near Place Saint-Michel and the humid gush of the fountain that crowns the place, looking so vibrant during early evening. I decided to compile some shots while taking walk with Mr. Jean who was kind enough to give me stroll inside some of the oldest lanes in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Parrot Tavern ?  Now that’s a new one.