Fastest Poster I did

This one was for some weird guys in Delhi last year for one their their company courses that was in the design pipeline. I did this in their office room with them in less than 20 minutes. Surprisingly they were happy with it, eh! Mainly playing with fonts sizes and colors, along with layering and a gold foil look created using blend modes and layer settings. Add a few paths and shapes and voila!

bytecode brochure copy


Album Cover Art

This is from the album drafts bin from many of the recycled ones, but I like the overall look. This was done with another set of graphics assets for an android anti-virus company I was working for in Gurgaon. I used the dalvik code as the backdrop and used one of my shoot eye pics and started layering on that. Did no use this one though it looked good enough for me.


Debut Logo Design


I was working with some rather empty headed guys 🙂 in Pune, India and they asked me to do a logo for their startup company – WelServe. I am not at all excited to be with them and in Pune in the first place. However, I did this with them in the same meeting room in about 3 hours at night towards midnight. It was my first time and I they liked it Winking smile

Welkins Finalized Logo

This was done in Photoshop CS5, with mostly a contrast based design using black and white at first. Keeping the “S” enlarged gives more tension in the otherwise rather strict and simple text.

The font is the ubiquitous Trajan-Regular, with a slight gradient for the S using shades of grey. The black box adds a bit of interest and variation to just the text.

Welkins logo 2

Light green shades go well with grey and black. So the final version looked good enough in green. A bit of level adjustments improved the contrast definition along with a dash of smart sharpen filter at about 50% to give the accentuation of the shades in the “S”.

Simple enough.

The aftermath was the brainstorming session for a fitting timeline that resulted in a lot of funny taglines and slogan drafts for the logo. I could get sued putting them here :0

Sennheiser HD 203 mk II


Absolutely love these, they come really cheap at around 2000 INR. Why would I  recommend them you ask? its because they are surprisingly one of the best phones I have come across even competing with higher priced models that give the kind of clarity of sound and a no-confusion stereo spacing of the sound stage in tracks. I purchased them as an addendum to my travelling headphone kit. I now keep them in a separate bag compartment for high powered listening when I don’t have headphone amps or when I need to double check a specific track for difference in sound and audible/inaudible details. It drives relatively easily and might be a good solution to noisy environments if volume is really needed, because this one can pump out enough for you to turn down in a while. Mind you these are not DJ phones that can play loud enough to hear them at a distance of a 1 foot or so. These are loud enough that when fully driven you might have to take your phones off. The tracks sound very powerful which is the best description I can give after listening to my favorite tracks. The spacing is a little constrained in that extreme pans and convolution reverbs sound as if its done in front of the studio monitors. The room feel is a little diminished. But that is in not way a detriment, trust me. I still wonder how is it that Sennheiser put up a lower price tag for this model. Whats the catch?

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Sennheiser HD 449


I purchased mine recently finding it perfect for the traveller on go. I do read the specifications for any audio purchases but always go by the gut feel after listening to the equipment in question. Cos, you never know what it really sounds like until you hear it, quite logical no? Anyways, so the packaging is standard Sennheiser style impossible-to-open-and-close-twice. I do carry a handy switchblade that helps on such occasions, and more. I get a gold plated 1/4 inch audio jack that has a female input for the cable on the phones. There is also another set of extra extension cables for longer distance listening from the source if so required. Normal users and even audiophiles wont actually make any sense of the specs like impedance or the frequency response etc. These are terms taken from electrical engineering and used to calibrate the audio range and their respective amplitudes over the human hearing range. You also might take into account the Fletcher-Munson curves which are a set of graphs that plot the human response over the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20K Hz against the decibels detected. Nonetheless, most listeners or buyers just want to know if a phone would suit their musical tastes. I consider myself musically and technically qualified enough to make recommendations to someone in need. This is a budget phone in the price range of 100 USD or 5000 INR +. This might seem a little compromising for lay consumers who believe that a price tag equates quality every time.

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Fashion Photo retouching fun.


My friend who is an amateur photographer took this shot and did some photo retouching. He kept the hair intact and changed the tone while keeping the details intact. He also changed the eye color and made the skin unrealistically plastic smooth. The lip stick is real though Smile As long as the essence of capturing the subject is the main goal I don’t mind minimal treatments for such mediums. After all the camera is hardly the perfect tool. I look pretty innocent and happy, its because I am. No liquefy tools used here – maybe a bit of warping to keep the overall look balanced. I know how its all done now. Back then I was admittedly a bit surprised. In fact anyone who has watched the TV series TOP MODEL always gets this query from the contestants that the competition pictures don’t look like them. Hmm….of course these pictures are constructions done using a team – a hairstylist, makeup artist, clothing and set stylist, lights guy, choreographer and of course the photographer. This team has a goal to get the best look using layers of makeup and lighting to achieve a particular artistic direction. The model is just the clay which the team molds into a creation. It is creative but very unrealistic in real life. Nonetheless the endeavor is satisfying and creative, as long as reality does not hurt your ego too bad. Girls watch out…guys don’t need the long locks and pouty lips as much Smile