Netherlands journey


Rotterdam airport bus ride. Better climate than Qatar and better smoothness in terms of service and ambiance. Below, what Rotterdam looks from the sky.


The local train – RanstadRail from Rotterdam. You need to take a bus ride from the airport to the stand. It was a rainy day and I had an umbrella inside the bag but I did not use it.


Reached Zoetermeer and visited Kruidvat mega store there for some quick shopping. I found regular consumer electronics at good prices. Nothing you wont find elsewhere, but then these are the countries that make all this so it has a different vibe to it. Philips is a Dutch company like many others.


Interesting sight for me since I love different kinds of bags. I find that the trend in Netherlands is water resistant or water proof dry roll top bags or Satchels as you can see here. These are local makes and not the high branded stuff, but their quality is good enough for everyday use.


I see a lot of Magix produced software – this company is based in Dresden, Germany and they are quite big in terms of sales and popularity in Europe. If you want to know what the locals are buying – the snapshot gives an idea. Most of it is Dutch localized though for the local customers.


Interestingly the porn vids are on sale on a top cart kept above the rest and little hard to reach for kids, but you get the idea. Easy catch if you are into it. Most of internet gets the job done anyways without having to find a storage place after you buy one of these.


Sunday in Europe is quite a busy day as you might imagine (sarcasm). All are busy at home I suppose since the streets look ridiculously underwhelming. But for a private stroll, just heaven.


Must eat place if you visit Zoetermeer.


Quick tour of my hotel room. You can see that its an entire Suite with a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen and guest bathroom on the way out. Loved it and thanks to my sponsors for this experience. You can also see my Triton Taktile midi keyboard in the box beside the table.


This trip was still in experimentation in terms of my backpacking gear so I had 2 bags and 1 keyboard to carry. Not a very comfortable journey in terms of luggage and I found it the hard way. I also made a friend in the same way  who helped me with the directions and luggage carrying as well as communications and local outings. A guide and friend – Tim Vaneer, thanks for all your help on my first day in Netherlands. Hollanders are great people if you approach them right.


Spartan kitchen and has all the essentials – 4 stove burner, microwave, utensils and bowls in the drawers, a waist length refrigerator and lots of cabinets to keep stuff and other kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers and juicers as well as the cutlery. Looks clean on the outside, but busy on the inside.


My very comfy bed.


View of the balcony area. Large windows and large curtains make my day. In Netherlands, the month I was in, it was sunshine the WHOLE DAY.


A busker in the metro/tram station.


And that my friends is what a tram looks like in Netherlands. Back in India you should see what a tram is called.


I visited the Bibliotheque in the Hague, which is a public library. I love the seating arrangements and free wifi (which is common place now, but still).


City centre in the Hague.


Food I love. Hygiene and cleanliness even more. This is exactly why I like the orderliness and strong sense of health and well being that I get to experience whenever I am in Europe. Retail therapy, but done better than what I have to bear with in places like Dubai or India.


4 Euros is more like 320 rupees approx. Simple and nice drinks and sauces you can find in the markets.


Aha! My absolute favourite sin – the StroopWafel (sitting on my jeans – and tempting me). I actually got fat staying in Netherlands becos of this poison. Its just so damn tasty and filling, I cannot stop. Its like an addiction. Not even like sex where you can abstain after you have your fill. With wafels, I have no control over myself, I become an animal that lives only for wafels.


A popular gameshop in the Hague.


Life size action figures are always fun to looks at.


I never asked what these are for. Possibly kids footwear. Looks weird to me though.


I remember this is a trift and tinsel shop for kids. Some nice things for parties and shows etc.


Just opposite the famous Italian ice cream shop where I had a great cone of vanilla (ask the locals they will highly recommend it). This is a music store.


A canal in the country of canals. These are all man made by the way.


I cant get enough of food shots to recollect the exact prices on display. Also meat makes me hungry when I am working so its good to remember what is available. In Holland, you get a lot of Indonesian food and Vietnamese food as well. Indonesia was an earlier colony of the Dutch and hence the historical connection.


A really cute duck was taking a swim and I wanted to have it on camera. This was in the moat in front of the cottage like houses in Zoetermeer.


The architecture of buildings is what you will find as strikingly similar. Europeans seem to have a fascination with order and geometry. I like this particular residence.


Intercity window seat view on my way to Amsterdam.



2 thoughts on “Netherlands journey

  1. Good stuff! I’ve always wanted to visit the Netherlands. Just did a school project in it too! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

    1. Netherlands was fun certainly and is more than just Amsterdam and the RLD, it pays to learn a little Dutch too – instant friendship. Good to know you did you your abroad travels as early as school 🙂

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