How does it feel to see your own stuff on torrent :0

So I did release by debut EP – Emotion Coder- My Never Ending Wish around the turn of 2013 and it has been sometime since I have put out anything and I plan to fix that very soon with loads of stuff. Balancing bill payments with artistic musings is not as easy as I had imagined, though ideas have been getting recorded with no interruption. It is the completion that takes time, like a picture that never finishes. I believe someone said that procrastination is the biggest evil for any artist to conquer. That and other personal reasons, namely in the excuse of “research” 😉

However, I recently spotted my own creations on torrent for downloads. Secretly this was a dream of mine for sometime since childhood during the days of Audiogalaxy circa mid-to-late naugthies. During those school days, I even read one of the members of the band Ladytron discovering that their albums were on torrent at that time, and he took to chatting with the seeders. He exclaimed that none of the seeders believed that he was the artist himself! Kool thing I noted and I remember it even now after all these years (I do have a very sharp memory/musical memory/spatial memory).

VA-Private Lounge Club 4 ::


Siesta Electronica Series ::


These two snapshots display what is happening to my own creation as part of VA compilations. Thankfully the download rates are not as good as I fear, so no worries for now. However they also do remind me of the dismal state of the actual market sales for most indie and signed niche electronic artists round about now. Marketing and brand building needs a lot more work and I appreciate that it involves moving beyond your comfort zone and putting content while also spreading the word.

At least my dream came true (including other things like – making love to white women, working with computer virii professionally, composing and releasing my own music internationally, mastering music production, playing piano, travelling over Europe, learning and appreciating a lifelong love of surtout French, getting an androgynous look with enviable hair, having my own pro-grade music studio with my own cash and a few others…).

I am a man of simple tastes.


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