Mon visage à 30 :)




(Cliquez sur la photo s’il vous plai)….So I am in my early 30s now and I feel like a kid, honestly! The ‘polaroid’ above was taken during the wee hours of a late evening sometime last week. Sans makeup, lighting, photoshop or any pizazz. Juste moi et la vérité. Strangers and new acquaintances ask about my age and gasp when they hear I am 30 running. Their verdict : “you look more like 24-25 or 26 max”. Thats is 7 years younger on average ! I take that as a sincere complement to my years of discipline and abstinence from smoking, drinking, drugs and judicious use of sunscreen and my umbrella (now Wenger’s telescopic travel model). Best compliment of the month, someone asking me which college am I from. Also my pushup/situp/pull up tripod of exercise that never fails to pull me up when I slack. Not to mention my eternally calm mind- free of distress (stress with a small d), BS, or energy hogs of any kind. Meandering into music and technology and philosophy I discover new dimensions chaque jour, and rekindle new paths when revisiting old journeys.

My hair is long and lustrous, with baroque helixes adorning my rather cute face, I must say. It touches my touche, so I have to take care of it. It does not fall (beyond the regular human average per day), and I have no onset of alopecia. I am proud of it and I hope it lasts as long as I do, thats all I ask. Thanks mom and dad for your gene sources, somehow hybridized to make it completely different from either of you 🙂

Reminds me of the history of the Violin. As a spectacular instrument that has stood the test of time and passed with aplomb, now heralded as the voice of the symphonic orchestra as a member of the strings section. The king of all instruments in that regard. It’s predecessors were the humble Viola da Gamba and the now antiquated and rather unsophisticated Rebec. Their offspring is the Violin. I believe in the inherent precision of science and not much on the speculative inferences of ‘history’. But this is one part where I completely agree that art and science are man made distinctions. They are all connected end of the day, given that much of what we do is a mysterious dual state of either depending on how you look at it. In fact this is the same analogy I blurted out to my maternal relatives on a rather personal discussion of family history and the society and our future in it etc.Much of the proceeds are nonsense as usual, however, as nothing really affects me in terms of hypotheticals, but this one argument has silenced more lambs than chops can be made of. Now I don’t get any ear munching from their end. They know their place and more importantly what I think of them and even more importantly – of their ilk (others  please take note, especially if you are a hindu Indian, debating with me is asking for trouble).

So anyways, I neither look, nor feel a day longer than 19 to be honest, especially with my energy levels and all my travels and the resulting fun (and profit). I feel the hype is just a hype. Yeah so maybe people do age significantly entering their 30s but just like global warming – I just don’t see it! To me its just another number. Like one of the various variables I toggle on every time I write a for loop in my computer programs (for (int i=0; i<99 : i++) {}). Just too rote and its très ennuyeux pour moi  to discuss these numericals especially with the ones just entering it and the ones just after, who still can’t believe the aftermath.

I believe the secret sauce is no secret, just awareness I suppose : sleep, exercise, good food, peace of mind, sex & brain work keeps the body functioning well.

My blood pressure is 110/90. I can do 65 pushups (triangle with my 10KG haversack on me). That is a good challenge really to any young dude.

I am appreciative of my narcissism because I can afford it (other way of saying it is if you got it flaunt it).

I dream of staying young forever and then I get this vision of Dorian Gray’s fate. Given that I speak to demons daily (or that they speak to me), I think this one thing I can really do without:)

Au Revoir.





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