Being a guy is the easiest thing ever, I suppose. Get into fights, wake up late, have sex when you like, masturbate when you want, eat what you like, figure shape and weight? Not for us folk!

So out of all these years of carefree somethings have stayed with me and I would summarize 15 of them as –


1. Brush your goddamn teeth. So many guys make this faux pas. The other thing many of us skip (even girls) please FLOSS your gums. It really helps, trust me, or at least trust your wife to be (or better yet any one of your enemies, they like to bring out your worst 🙂 )

2. Keep you hair in shape, and don’t follow a trend just cos… if a hair do looks particularly attractive to you, try out some dry runs before you actually make the cut. Or visit a hair stylist if you are stupid enough to need one. They mostly want your money by abusing your hair to make you come back again and again even more. Its as simple as that. For good looking folks out there please stay away from these hair aging machines. For the unlucky ones, get your best because they will be nicer to the ones who are disadvantaged – they love clients like that who ‘need’ them to sort them out sort of.

3. Moisturize your skin. Use any goddamn moisturizer available or even your mom’s but use it. use it after you wake up and wash. use it after a shave, after a bath. Moisturize your face, neck and body and legs as well. Yes its an investment that will carry years from now.

4. Wash your hair but not too much. Once or twice a week is more than enough. And the most important thing – learn to moisturize your hair right after you wash it with plain water or shampoo. Ideally keep it for 2 minutes and then rinse slowly but thoroughly. These are ancient tricks that make you wonder how come the girls have so nice locks. Its just these simple common sense and good practices. Of course genes also play a part but why create extra trouble for your hair.

5. Exercise your chest, abs and shoulders for maximum effect to your male posture. Use pushups, pullups and crunches. They are actually more useful than a gym full of equipment for long term fitness.

6. Eat healthy – little carbs, more proteins, green and yellow veggies (not overcooked, but blanched – i.e. boiled lightly in salt water), lots of fluids, small doses of oil and fats and vitamin supplements to top it off. And yes you can binge on sugars or meats once in a week or so. It wont harm you if the 90% time you are eating healthy.

7. Stay out of trouble, seriously, I like to get into fights as much as the other guy, but taming it requires more control. You see we don’t live in caves anymore, though I honestly think we all like to.

8. Choose the best shoes you can afford. They really make an impression. It shows you care for your looks and you are investment friendly. Brogues are always in vogue. However, good leather pairs or sturdy formal looking ones are also just fine.

9. Choose tops that can go with the rest of the dresses that you have. Think European here, Parisienne men and women are the epitome of effortless style. And one of the key secrets is color matching and earth colors. you can’t really go wrong with black, olive, white, beige, navy and brown.

10. Choose accessories that define who you are, and not someone else’s clone. Or else I suggest stay out of it. They would look more tacky than trendy if you don’t go with the flow so to speak.

11. Belts are a must. They give structure and define the outline. Choose well fitting clothes and not tight fitting ones or baggy ones.

12. Use common sense when applicable.

13. Dress your age, tres important !!

14. Please shave – most girls and women don’t like a man with a bear face. So it pays to keep clean.

15. Use a condom, toujour.

Any thing to add, hit me up when you can.



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