This would be sacrilege to not enjoy the wonders of more earthly pleasures while sauntering amidst the aphrodisiac air that fills the whole of Paris. Not the crude shenanigans of 70’s porn stars comme Beatrice Harnoi (Le Sexe qui parle) but rather a celebration of the innate sexual fountains in all of us. Of course even Beatrice had some nice moments like having sex with a clergyman in the confession booth, while blindfolded and coyly sitting on his member and shaking up and down like a jack rabbit, nice!

While visiting Pigalle I came across this Erotic Museum. While you might think it as yet another museum in the land of museums, this one is un peu different.  Its a lot smaller and the entry charges are around 10 Euros. And there are 5 floors of it in the same building. But its like walking in a flat apartment. You will find it just before seeing the famous windmill of Moulin Rouge and to your right side while going towards Moulin Rouge. The variety of sex inspired art and sculptures are awesome and erection inducing 😉 Lots of pussy and dicks. You also get a TV installation of erstwhile era porn a.k.a. vintage porn in black and white where the foreplay scenes for each video short is explicite however they cut it to the next video short just before you get to see the actual penetration. Ha ha, really come on!!

Out of all the installations and paintings I found the one in the second floor – Ecstasy of St. Theresa. What? Why would this be in an erotic museum? The arrow in this installation is animated and moves in a serpentine fashion and is painted gold and is serrated all along the length. I found it more creepy than sensual. Its also penetrative in the sense its the orgasmic pleasure of Theresa I suppose that is signified by this.

Various art works from Kamasutra. Wow, many of these I did not see anywhere. I did not know that gay sex and bestiality was part and parcel of the Kamasutra sex manuals. C’est Vrai! So for all Indians who specialize in being uptight, why perennially propagate the proverbial sweeping under the carpet? Your dads were closet faggots in the past, and look, they even drew pictures about it. Must have had so much fun fondling each others cocks and balls.

The erotic sculptures from Japan had the most generic and well exposed penetrative sex postures. You can see how the penis enters the vagina so well. Its like sex training all over, and in Paris. He he.

This reminds me of the “Masculine” exhibition in Musee D’Orsay in November where the sheer number of naked beautiful men would make even a straight guy like me pretty much bi-curios I suppose. Awesome beauties man.

Some art from Nepal was pretty promiscuous looking – one where the labia of the vagina are separated manually by a hand behind the girl. That is cute. I suppose they even worshiped that.

Cunnilingus and fellatio were the major themes all around. It seems that the mouth just does not get enough. Deep throat is normally too American I suppose, mostly ‘RealityKings’ type. Out here its the art of fellatio taken to new levels. Treat the dick and the dickhead as a chocolate or ice cream that’s so tasty it has to be licked dry before it ‘melts’ and take out layer after layer of ecstasy.

And the usual unshaven pussy as expected. Wet and smelly, a haven for bacteria and germs, soggy and sour. I am sure I would love it exactly like that. Now I have never eaten pussy, just entered it and fingered it, I am yet to understand the pleasures of pussy eating. Well, it will happen sometime sooner when I get a good looking one in front of my nose.

Art prevails, sure thing!

Vive France.



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