Sony XB60EX Gold Plated Earphones.


I got these prior to my EU travel arrangements as I did not want to lug around 3-4 of my Sennheisser headphones. One of the best buys I did this last month. Very sturdy, tangle free and very solid presence of bass.

They would not be suitable for mixing or any recording related activities as expected (and anyways what professional mixes on earphones….though it can be done 🙂 Just matter of what interface you are comfortable with..)   For music listening and movies, they are perfect. Very good balance with a little boost of the bass but the presence is much better. The mids do reduce a little but with proper eq if needed especially in software  music players, the sound just becomes bigger. The cloth clip is very useful indeed. The angles audio jack ensure that it lasts longer, its much convenient than regular straight jacks, and also tear proof.

This also comes with a sealed pack of ear rubber fittings in various sizes. There are also noise blocking ear plugs provided. This is good feature as on application the sounds is dramatically attenuated. Great for travelling i must say or general music listening especially hip hop or electronic. Price is just right. These will last as long time. Highly recommended.

Songs listened to : Music in my mind – Adam F, Appelle mon numero – Mylene Farmer.

Bass – Strong.

Highs – Regular, not enhanced.

Mids – Not overtly prominent, becomes one with the bass.

Score – 8/10.


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