Debut Logo Design


I was working with some rather empty headed guys πŸ™‚ in Pune, India and they asked me to do a logo for their startup company – WelServe. I am not at all excited to be with them and in Pune in the first place. However, I did this with them in the same meeting room in about 3 hours at night towards midnight. It was my first time and I they liked it Winking smile

Welkins Finalized Logo

This was done in Photoshop CS5, with mostly a contrast based design using black and white at first. Keeping the β€œS” enlarged gives more tension in the otherwise rather strict and simple text.

The font is the ubiquitous Trajan-Regular, with a slight gradient for the S using shades of grey. The black box adds a bit of interest and variation to just the text.

Welkins logo 2

Light green shades go well with grey and black. So the final version looked good enough in green. A bit of level adjustments improved the contrast definition along with a dash of smart sharpen filter at about 50% to give the accentuation of the shades in the β€œS”.

Simple enough.

The aftermath was the brainstorming session for a fitting timeline that resulted in a lot of funny taglines and slogan drafts for the logo. I could get sued putting them here :0


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