I have had good long hair since 19 and its been a while since. I have tried all men’s fashion but found that the long hair is the easiest to maintain in the long run. This is my bed head. No styling of any sort, just raise the hair and toss it into a high bun. Admittedly its for women and judging by the posts few guys pull it off. Well I think I qualify for that. These pictures are un-retouched taken from my sony coolpix with my hand floating around my head.


HAIR 3HAIR 4Hair 5


I would certainly encourage more men to do natural looks like this, that is if your hair supports it. Styling time – 3 minutes tops. First detangle your hair. Take a cloth band. I take a single bunch towards the top of my head and wrap it into a single knot. I would not want to do any more as my hair is very thick and textured unlike the usual straight and fine hair than needs volumizing. So how are you doing your hair today?


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