Fashion Photo retouching fun.


My friend who is an amateur photographer took this shot and did some photo retouching. He kept the hair intact and changed the tone while keeping the details intact. He also changed the eye color and made the skin unrealistically plastic smooth. The lip stick is real though Smile As long as the essence of capturing the subject is the main goal I don’t mind minimal treatments for such mediums. After all the camera is hardly the perfect tool. I look pretty innocent and happy, its because I am. No liquefy tools used here – maybe a bit of warping to keep the overall look balanced. I know how its all done now. Back then I was admittedly a bit surprised. In fact anyone who has watched the TV series TOP MODEL always gets this query from the contestants that the competition pictures don’t look like them. Hmm….of course these pictures are constructions done using a team – a hairstylist, makeup artist, clothing and set stylist, lights guy, choreographer and of course the photographer. This team has a goal to get the best look using layers of makeup and lighting to achieve a particular artistic direction. The model is just the clay which the team molds into a creation. It is creative but very unrealistic in real life. Nonetheless the endeavor is satisfying and creative, as long as reality does not hurt your ego too bad. Girls watch out…guys don’t need the long locks and pouty lips as much Smile


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