This happened circa 2009 in Kolkata and 2012 in Gurgoan, India.

vis 1 black shado 2

I had very clearly seen a shadow pitch black about 6 feet tall at the door in my bedroom. I was staying in a renovated house in Sarat Bose road when this happened in the third month of the stay. I was sleeping well when I felt as if something was trying to wake me up in a rather strange way, I could see blinking dots even with my eyes closed and feel a strange mint smelling breeze over my face. It neither feels chocolaty or anything…just really weird. I can be 100 percent sure this was not sleep paralysis because I know the difference very well. This time I actually woke up as if someone had disturbed my sleep and I became irritated at first. Then I looked towards my left side and about a distance of about 3 meters I could see  a tall black shadow with a head tilted towards its left facing me and looking straight at me. I did not freak out somehow and just asked it loudly “who are you eh ?” in Hindi. It turned rather rigidly towards its left and walked away. I stood up from my bed and walked towards the door and looked at the hallway only to find the familiar vanishing of this entity.

vis 1 black snakes

The second experience was in Gurgaon. I was just about to sleep with my roommate after both of us turned off our computers, it was again about 2:40 in the morning, we made out beds, felt good about sleeping when suddenly just as he turned off the light I could see a strange group of tentacles in a glowing blue light towards the baggage to my left wall. I immediately stood up as this was not even in my sleeping engagements so to speak. Just after I turned my head for a split second it vanished. I could have kept my gaze but then I could feel that doing so would not give that entity the time to escape unseen and could even attack me, I had a strange intuition that might actually happen and that option seemed quite scary indeed.

Prior to this I had other experiences when in Kolkata after we shifted to a new house in a very populated housing complex. Something in my room would whisper in my ears something and run its fingers over me at night. I could see my cats (Fibi and co.) looking at something and getting a little surprised and even put off by whatever they were seeing right in front of my room. Are these creatures evil, and if so what could be their motivation to do so?

The pictures above are two artistic interpretations of the creatures I have seen. The color and shapes are true to form, just that they are done on the computer as precisely as possible rather than have the fortune of actually having a camera at such an unexpected moment.

In spite of all this I am not afraid of spirits and demons. They are there for the only reason of the destruction of mankind as per Christianity (as if man is doing something else..). Nonetheless the spiritual reasons are many and sheer number of such experiences have left many ‘experts’ confounded and trust me with the nature of such events, a single real one will turn a skeptic into a believer. I will delve deeper into the analysis of demonic possession and related phenomenon in other posts.


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